News in the Bjørn family


News 2011

Faith and Eugene Thordahl september 2nd. 1961

Barbara and Bill Bjorn celebrated their 60 years wedding day july 15th.

May 13, 2011 at 7.35pm Finnegan James Kinzie was born parents Janell Manning and Nate Kinzie

News 2010

June 30, 2010 Ann-Britt Sjødahl Nielsen celebrated her 50 years birthday

June 23th Sabine Schøn Nielsen finished HTX


June 18, 2010 Aaron Lee Sullivan was born parents Adrienne Miller and Nate Jeffrey Sullivan

January 17th Barbara celebrate her 88 years birthday she is daugther of Peter Bear and grandchild of Louis Bear (Lars Bjørn)

News 2009

October 15. Juliette Daisy was born parents Julie and Billy Mauldin 

September 13. Bodil Sjødahl Nielsen was 25 years old

August 28, Hanne Bjørn celebrated her 60 years birthday

August 2009 Cathy Lillehoj celebrated her 60 years birthday with a tour to Europe

Here she is on Bjørnegården together with Berit Bjørn de Place

August 11, Jens Bjørn was 70 years old

April, twin girls Johanne and Elizabeth were born parents Sarah and Scott Anderson

News 2008

December 17th Laila Bjørn Pedersen finished her education as Cand. Scient. Soc. at Aalborg Univercity

Helge Bjørn was 70 years old may 27, 2008 He celebrated it with a big party may 31 in Tinghallen, Viborg.

Kehm and Morten Bjørn had a son Anders april 11, 2008

Ulla Bjørn and Jacob Hjort had a son Christian april 4, 2008

January 10th Sofia Aleksandrovietz Bjørn was born parents Jeanet Birgül Bjørn  and  René Aleksandrovietz

News 2007

May 19, Laila celebrated her 29 years birthday in Vietnam with danish layercake and vaniliekranse

News 2006

August 18th, 2006 the twin boyes James Bjorn Anderson and Benjamin Michel Anderson  were born. Parents Sarah and Scott Anderson

August 23, 2006 Erik Bjørn Nielsen has his  50 years birthday

June 2006 Dorthe Marie Sjødahl Nielsen finished High School

News 2004

November 24, 2004 Jonas was born parents Birthe Bjørn Madsen and Kenneth Lunde Pedersen

August 8th 2004 Emilie  was born parents Marianne and Benny Knudsen

Jan. 27th 2004 at 7.45pm Elisha Titanbjorn was born weight 9 pound parents Julie and Billy Mauldin 

Jan. 15th 2004 Erik Bjørn Nielsen had  worked for Roulund in 25 years. 

News 2003

December 1st., 2003 Caroline and Jesper were parents to Christian

October 14, 2003 at 8.58pm William Conwell Anderson was born. Parents Sarah and Scott Anderson

October 2, 2003 Lea Hammer Andersen was born. Parents Majken Hammer and Brian Andersen

July 29, 2003 Casey James Eagan was born. Parents Jessica and Andy Eagan 

June 18, 2003 Anna was born Parents: Dorthe Bech Bjørn and Thomas Rosenkratz Hansen

May 16, 2003 Sabine Schøn Nielsen was confirmed in Nr.Lyndelse church

Maj 3. 2003 at  19.03 Bjørg Holm Larsen was born  - vægt 4050 gr. Længde 53 cm Parents: Anne-Mette Holm and Peter Bjørn Larsen

March 25, 2003 Grethe and Jens Bjørn celebrated their Silverwedding.

Januar 21. 2003 Fredrik was born. Parents:Tine Bjørn and Kasper Roest  

News 2002

December 2?, 2002 Randi Frostholm and Lars Brasholt had a daugther

October 26, 2002 Caroline Knudsen was married Jesper in Hald Ege church 

October 10, 2002 Marianne and Benny Knudsen in Birkerød had a daugther Annika.

News 2001

April 1, 2001 at 19:15 Gitte and Allan Bjørn had a baby boy. Weighed 4,4 kilo and 53 cm long. He was bapticed july 8th. and given the name Gustav Malthe Bjørn

Julie and Billy Mauldin had a baby boy on March 21. 7 pounds and 15 ounces. They named him Isaiah Thordahl Mauldin and are calling him "Thor".

Dwane and Sherri got a wonderful surprise on March 14 with a new adopted baby girl who was born on March 1. Healthy and beautiful. They named her Mamie Grace.

On New years day at 2:22 Pm Andy Eagan and Jessica had a baby girl Ana Elizabeth. Weighed 10 lbs. 11 oz. 22 in. long.

Before 2001

March 25, 1998 Riley Dane Walker was born weigh 8,50lbs. Parents: Johanne (Thordahl) and Jack Walker

May 8, 1998 John Henry Trettin was born weigh 8lbs 7oz. Parents: Christine (Lillehoj) and Michael Trettin

May 25, 1998 2.30 p.m. Valerie Janelle Bjorn was born weigh 9lbs 12oz. Parents: Michelle and Bruce Bjorn

June 10, 1998 Margot Elizabeth Diehl was born in California. Parents: Sue and Mitch Diehl

June 28, 1998 Pam Marcotte and Jim Easton were married in Newport

August 15, 1998 Gitte Pedersen and Allan Bjørn were married in Frederiksberg Town (City) Hall.

August 21, 1998 Ida-Sofie Bjørn was born in Copenhagen weigh 3,750 kg (8,260lbs.) lenght 54 cm (21 inch). Parents: Gitte and Allan Bjørn

September 7, 1998 Laurits de Place Bak was born in Kolding. Parents: Birgitte and Jeppe Bak

Februar 6, 1999 Gavin Carlo Pasqualini was born in New York. Parents: Eva and Peter Pasqualini

February 17, 1999 Emma Bjørn was born in Odense, DK. Mother: Jackie Bjørn

February 23, 1999 Emma Easton was born in RI weigh 8 lb 4 ozs lenght 20 inches. Parents: Pam and Jim Easton

June 12, 1999 Sarah Jo Eagan and Scott William Anderson married in Greenfield, Iowa

June 15, 1999 Laila Bjørn Pedersen finished Aarhus Katedralskole as a Danish Student

March 26, 2000 Allan Bjørn was 30 years old. He celebrated it in Horsens

April 26, 2000 Mathias Thor Larsen Olsen was born in Odense. Parents: Sheila Thor Olsen and Lars René Larsen

May 7, 2000 Dorthe Marie Sjødahl Nielsen was confirmed in Højby church

May 9, 2000 Bente Hammer Jørgensen was 50 years old

June 30, 2000 Ann-Britt Sjødahl Nielsen was 40 years old

December 13, 2000 Robert Bjorn was 40 years old.

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